Unfinished works


imageI find myself at times, uninspired, I have a very busy daily life, I home educate 4 children, I am a house wife, I clean, I cook, I do all the things a grown up does . And I struggle to find the time to draw and paint, or even be inspired. I am always surrounded by unfinished work, half of a drawing, pastel smudged papers, watercolours unfinished. I find that more annoying than an empty page. I look at the half finished pieces and remember my inspiration at the time, but cannot capture it again. I sometimes long for a studio, where I can leave them lying around so I can see them more often, where my pencils don’t need to be put away, and paint stains and splashes can be left.

Unfortunatly I don’t have one, and so my drawings get packed into a box, until I can find the time to get them out again, I’ve always wanted to be a recognised artist, but I know honestly I don’t have time, I don’t invest enough time into it as a career, I havent “paid my do’s”. My life is too busy for me to be a full time artist, I’m barely part time, on paper.

But in my heart I always will be, I think of drawing every day, I see an amazing sky and think, how I would love to paint that, or the sea and I want to capture that on paper, I take mental notes of these things, and promise myself when I am older, when the kids are grown, when I have more time, I will build that studio. I will spend my time drawing and painting. Bu until then, I will do all I can in my “spare time” . I will continue to expose my kids to the art world, and inspire their creativity, and I have to say my daughter shows amazing promise, she is one talented 12 year old !

Until my free time, I am a mother, educator,wife, and all the things Inbetween, artist last. And I’m happy with that. There are many parts to a person, being an artist does not have to be all consuming, it’s just one part of myself, and I’m sure many people are the same. It’s what makes each artist different.


One thought on “Unfinished works

  1. I can relate to you. I home educate three children of ages 2, 7 & 9. I’m a freelance writer who dreams of writing all day. I write for various websites and a magazine when I can, but I find it increasingly hard to follow my dreams and write more frequently. My kids are my life and I’m happy to sacrifice my own aspirations for a rainy day. But it doesn’t mean I don’t get a little bit down in the dumps when I have an amazing idea, but don’t have the time to run with it. As women, we come with a handful of titles and skills, it’s the juggling act we have to master. Now that is something I’m still working on! šŸ˜šŸŒ»

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