putting yourself “out there”

Exhibition at Hobby Craft , Coventry , England.

Over the years I have exhibited in a number of modest shows and gallery’s, held a few classes on drawing and painting, and searched for  way to be seen, for recognition. I love to share my art work, to talk about drawing and painting to meet other artists who share the same interests as I do. People who can advice, listen, understand and share my passion. Its a conversation that can go on forever, and honestly sometimes I feel without that I lose my way, life interrupts me, stress, bills, kids, just life, and I lose my focus, forget my own passions, forget about myself. So this year I plan to try and get out more, accept the offers for exhibitions and not turn them down because I am “too busy”. Invest my time online, search out artist, read more, visit gallery’s more… The last two years I have lost too many family and friends and I have this feeling of what if I don’t ever achieve what I want to before my time comes to leave this world, and so because of this I plan to save a little time for myself, my drawings, my goals and my own passions. Just in case I lose myself along the journey of life.  10175057_10152308900175280_7046293354287215872_n


2 thoughts on “putting yourself “out there”

  1. What you said really resonated with me. You come to an age and realize that life is too short. I believe making time to pursue your passions is part of living a healthy, balanced life. Wishing you a productive 2015 filled with art, elves and assassins 🙂


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