I’m going to invest in a drawing tablet ! Help

I’m currently illustrating, and do all my drawings by hand, they do not seem to Scan well, and look good enough for a book, so Iv decided to try and change them to vector images (if that’s what it is called ??
Unfortunately I am clueless !?! This is where the problem is lies.

I’m buying This tablet ….. Iv read review after review, watched video after video, and still I don’t know know how to change my images into computer drawn


So this will be my first blog on the journey !!! I will post as I progress, but until then…. Any help, advice tips, videos, blogs would be very very much appreciated !


4 thoughts on “I’m going to invest in a drawing tablet ! Help

  1. Pass on what you learn to me because I am just about as clueless. Though, I am not sure you can actually convert your hand-drawn work to “vector” or digital quality work, if that’s what you meant. But, you can scan and enhance a drawing to be sharper/bolder…and clean up some of the rough stuff that appears when you scan a hand-drawn piece. But, as far as I know, there’s a clear difference between a digitally drawn line and a hand-drawn one.

    I’ve been hesitant to invest in any board, so far. And, with all the buzz about tablets/pads, I am now wondering if those aren’t better.


    • I have an I pad air. Un yet cannot find a programme which I can draw with yet , but I have also seen people state that they can draw with their tablets so I’m just as confused. I watched a video of someone making a digital drawing by tracing a picture that was mostly transparent, so I was considering tracing my images, to make them digital .


  2. Hey, thought I’d share some knowledge! If you’re trying to convert existing drawn images into a vector format, I would hold back on getting a graphics tablet. A graphics tablet, or any iPad app will (as far as I know) require you to draw from scratch. It is possible to import an image into Adobe Illustrator and trace over it on a new layer, but that requires basically re-doing the whole drawing. A graphic tablet is really better for illustrating from scratch directly to the computer.

    What I would suggest trying first though is scanning your drawings and opening the image in Adobe Illustrator. There’s a feature tucked away called ‘Image trace’ which will automatically convert your image into vectors. If you play about with the settings, it may well deliver the results you want.

    Good article about image trace here: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-how-to-use-the-new-image-trace-in-adobe-illustrator-cs6–vector-5640


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