Can you paint with all the colours of the wind  ? 

As a child I would sit for hours and hours drawing Disney characters, pausing the VHS so I could copy it. I have drawn them so often I can draw a number of characters purely from memory. This film was one of my favourites and as trying to engage a younger audience into drawing I […]

Wicked but beautiful 

I have decided to stop commissions for a while and draw what I love , films, characters, musicians, what ever I love . And one of my favourite characters from last year was the brilliant maleficent.            So here she is .  

I’m going to invest in a drawing tablet ! Help

I’m currently illustrating, and do all my drawings by hand, they do not seem to Scan well, and look good enough for a book, so Iv decided to try and change them to vector images (if that’s what it is called ?? Unfortunately I am clueless !?! This is where the problem is lies. I’m […]

Fantasy Faces (3)- she came to me in a dream

I awoke late and needed to draw her’ I don’t know her name , or who she is. But I felt compelled to draw her x

Chronic pain and freedom of art

I live with chronic pain, and have done for many years, Iv been passed from doctor to doctor and being prescribed pain killers for years in hopes I would just “go away”. I never did as I know that living in this amount of pain is not normal. The catalyst for my own diagnosis was […]

Fantasy faces

Sometimes looking at once face can create an image of another, this is what happened when I initially started a portrait of Emma Watson, I began to draw and something else came into my mind, and instead I created this. It’s not a portrait of Emma Watson anymore, just an image I created when I […]

Draw what you love (3)

Originally posted on KellyHortonfineart:
In keeping with my movie theme for draw what you love, I’d like to share another of one of my favourite characters Legolas from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and of course the The hobbit trilogy’s. This drawing was 20 hours in the making, drawn with graphite pencils.

How fast can you draw a lion mum ? (2) well this one did not take 4 minutes !

Following from my conversation earlier with my daughter about the lion “speed drawing” , I found this picture of a lion I drew a few years ago, this one was approximately 15 hours in the making !

The sultans of swing.

This commissioned drawing was for my dad, his favourite band being Direstraits . My childhood was full of sultans of swing, money for nothing, brothers in arms, and many more guitar and drum solos. I now share his love of Direstraits, and created this a few years ago. This is graphite , and was at […]