Can you paint with all the colours of the wind  ? 

As a child I would sit for hours and hours drawing Disney characters, pausing the VHS so I could copy it. I have drawn them so often I can draw a number of characters purely from memory. This film was one of my favourites and as trying to engage a younger audience into drawing I […]

The magic of night.

It’s 3 am here in the UK and I’m wide awake, I have to be up with kids at 8 am , tomorrow will not be a fun day ! Night time is when I wake, the creative juices are flowing and I become alive with ideas, sketches, new paintings, and just want to draw […]

Frustration, un inspiration and a bad drawing ! :-/

Writers go through writers blog, when no matter what they try nothing gets written, so when artists go through inspiration block, what’s that called ? I’m stuck in the middle of illustrating a book, and all I can think about is everything but that book. Problem is, I can’t seem to create anything else successfully […]

Chronic pain and freedom of art

I live with chronic pain, and have done for many years, Iv been passed from doctor to doctor and being prescribed pain killers for years in hopes I would just “go away”. I never did as I know that living in this amount of pain is not normal. The catalyst for my own diagnosis was […]

How fast can you draw a lion mum ?…….. Exactly 4 minutes !

A very quick and probably not accurate sketch of a lion, but I drew it in 4 mins without a reference. My kids are creating their own coat of arms for their own royal army. We are studying Arthur and his Knights in home education history. So the older kids are creating a piece of […]

Draw what you love (2)

Another movie, another drawing . Pirates of the Caribbean is a massive fave in my house. And Captain Jack Sparrow is my favourite character. This drawing was 20 hours of pure joy ! Hope you like it !

Gymnastics competitions!

Tonight we sat and watched as my daughter was judged on her floor work for gymnastics. I know the results but I’m sworn to secrecy until the awards ceremony in 3 weeks!! I’m very happy with her results tho ! I sketched whilst she was on the beam.