The magic of night.

It’s 3 am here in the UK and I’m wide awake, I have to be up with kids at 8 am , tomorrow will not be a fun day ! Night time is when I wake, the creative juices are flowing and I become alive with ideas, sketches, new paintings, and just want to draw […]

The ballerina

I watched a video once, the video was of a ballerina dancing, she danced so gracefully and looked like an angel, she danced like she had wings. I sketched and painted this from a memory of her dancing. I don’t know what the video was, but it will always remain in my memory.

Fantasy Faces (3)- she came to me in a dream

I awoke late and needed to draw her’ I don’t know her name , or who she is. But I felt compelled to draw her x

How fast can you draw a lion mum ? (2) well this one did not take 4 minutes !

Following from my conversation earlier with my daughter about the lion “speed drawing” , I found this picture of a lion I drew a few years ago, this one was approximately 15 hours in the making !

The sultans of swing.

This commissioned drawing was for my dad, his favourite band being Direstraits . My childhood was full of sultans of swing, money for nothing, brothers in arms, and many more guitar and drum solos. I now share his love of Direstraits, and created this a few years ago. This is graphite , and was at […]

Draw what you love (2)

Another movie, another drawing . Pirates of the Caribbean is a massive fave in my house. And Captain Jack Sparrow is my favourite character. This drawing was 20 hours of pure joy ! Hope you like it !