The magic of night.

It’s 3 am here in the UK and I’m wide awake, I have to be up with kids at 8 am , tomorrow will not be a fun day !

Night time is when I wake, the creative juices are flowing and I become alive with ideas, sketches, new paintings, and just want to draw and create, unfortunately this does not meet my lifestyle !

If only I could run free at night like the wolf in this piece I created a while ago. Enjoy .



Frustration, un inspiration and a bad drawing ! :-/

Writers go through writers blog, when no matter what they try nothing gets written, so when artists go through inspiration block, what’s that called ? I’m stuck in the middle of illustrating a book, and all I can think about is everything but that book. Problem is, I can’t seem to create anything else successfully either !

My “bag” is portraits, un yet I’m not happy with the results. Is this avoidance ? Am I just avoiding the book illustrations ? Even tho I know I have a timetable I MUST stick too, and it’s approaching fast.

So how do I get on track ? Do I need a break ? I feel tired, I ache, I have a head ache, but I have a constant weight that I really need to get things done!

On top of home educating 4 children, the awful English weather and feeling trapped in the house , I think I’m just un inspired.

Any advice or ideas to help get back on track will really be welcomed !

This evenings fast drawing (30 mins- usually hours and hours !) did not go well ! I’m not happy at all . But hey, we all go wrong sometimes so we may as well share the bad stuff along with the good !


The ballerina

I watched a video once, the video was of a ballerina dancing, she danced so gracefully and looked like an angel, she danced like she had wings.
I sketched and painted this from a memory of her dancing. I don’t know what the video was, but it will always remain in my memory.


Fantasy Faces (3)- she came to me in a dream

I awoke late and needed to draw her’ I don’t know her name , or who she is. But I felt compelled to draw her x


Chronic pain and freedom of art

I live with chronic pain, and have done for many years, Iv been passed from doctor to doctor and being prescribed pain killers for years in hopes I would just “go away”. I never did as I know that living in this amount of pain is not normal. The catalyst for my own diagnosis was when my daughter 11 at the time became very poorly and after a few years of battles and living with my daughter who had changed from an outgoing , active happy child to a tired, depressed child in constant pain. It turned out she has CFS and fibromyalgia. I myself have fibromyalgia. We are so similar in our hobbies, the way we spend our time, and the things we enjoy, she is also a budding artist and is very good.

I feel very strongly that having a passion like painting, drawing helps with not only boredom, but also pain, as it takes my mind and her mind off the pain, but also inspiration, freedom, creativity, our bodies may not be active but our minds are ! Looking at others drawings and painting, tells us a story, shows us feelings and emotions. Books open open minds to imagination and sometimes other worlds and amazing fantasy’s. And so can art work, within our selves there is always a little creative person trying to get out, if only we would allow that person inside space, time to breathe, and allow them out. We will find that this little person can help us in all aspects of our lives.


When your daughter asks for a flying unicorn…. You get her one !

My daughter was asked what animal would she have if she could have any, her reply …. A flying unicorn. So here she is with her flying unicorn.


Fantasy faces (2)

This is a portrait I drew approximately a year ago, I sat looking at an empty page for a long time, when I started to sketch a face, and I went with it. And this is what I ended up with.


Fantasy faces

Sometimes looking at once face can create an image of another, this is what happened when I initially started a portrait of Emma Watson, I began to draw and something else came into my mind, and instead I created this. It’s not a portrait of Emma Watson anymore, just an image I created when I looked at her.


Draw what you love (3)


In keeping with my movie theme for draw what you love, I’d like to share another of one of my favourite characters Legolas from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and of course the The hobbit trilogy’s.
This drawing was 20 hours in the making, drawn with graphite pencils.


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Ezio Auditore -assassins creed

This piece was created for my husband, as he is a big fan of assassins creed. He wanted a price to show not only the assassin but to have feeling and show the darkness of the character. I chose to paint this very simple, and keep the lines clean and sharp but also to create the feeling of mystery to the character. I hope that I was successful in this. It hangs on the wall of my husbands computer area. He was very happy with it.


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