putting yourself “out there”

Exhibition at Hobby Craft , Coventry , England. Over the years I have exhibited in a number of modest shows and gallery’s, held a few classes on drawing and painting, and searched for  way to be seen, for recognition. I love to share my art work, to talk about drawing and painting to meet other […]

Motherly Love

A mothers love can span distance, and time, not only for us humans, but in the animal world too. I saw this photograph and felt compelled to draw it, I tried to capture the love and emotion in this piece as well as the beauty of the animal.

Do we pigeon hole ourselves ?

I’ve wondered this for a while, possibly because my head is full of all the things I would like to achieve in my life time. When I was 15 I told myself by the time I was 30 I will have a book published , and. My art would be known all over…mmmmm . Well […]