putting yourself “out there”

Exhibition at Hobby Craft , Coventry , England. Over the years I have exhibited in a number of modest shows and gallery’s, held a few classes on drawing and painting, and searched for  way to be seen, for recognition. I love to share my art work, to talk about drawing and painting to meet other […]

Teaching and learning.

I get asked by friends and family and my kids regularly to teach them how to draw, and paint. I always tell my kids that there is no way anyone can teach you how to draw a masterpiece , that comes from within. The technical side of drawing can be taught and can be learnt […]

All things art !

So this is my new blog ! I live art, I live drawing, painting, sketching. I doodle on the phone, I doodle when im bored, I even doodle when im angry… it soothes me ! I love to take pictures of what I see and draw them later ! Theres many things that seem to […]