The magic of night.

It’s 3 am here in the UK and I’m wide awake, I have to be up with kids at 8 am , tomorrow will not be a fun day ! Night time is when I wake, the creative juices are flowing and I become alive with ideas, sketches, new paintings, and just want to draw […]

The ballerina

I watched a video once, the video was of a ballerina dancing, she danced so gracefully and looked like an angel, she danced like she had wings. I sketched and painted this from a memory of her dancing. I don’t know what the video was, but it will always remain in my memory.

Fantasy faces

Sometimes looking at once face can create an image of another, this is what happened when I initially started a portrait of Emma Watson, I began to draw and something else came into my mind, and instead I created this. It’s not a portrait of Emma Watson anymore, just an image I created when I […]